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    Looking to move to Lightroom but having performance issues (coming from Picasa)


      I've recently starting shooting in RAW so I thought it was time to move up from Picasa.  I decided to make the move to Lightroom yesterday as I've been taking a few online courses in it and love the fact that is offers great RAW editing capabilities and it doubles as a organizer as well.

      My current workflow is this:

      • Photos from my DSLR are manually moved into new directory under my Photos folder.  Structure of folder follows the following format: "yyyy-mm-dd-{photographer name}-short subject description"
      • My photos from my phone are automatically copied into the same location but with a "yyyy-mm-dd" format whenever I come into range of my wifi network.  I go in once a week to fill in the blanks.
      • I've used that method for over 12 years as technology changes and sometimes metadata is not easy to transfer between apps so at the very least, I have the directory structure to fall back on.  It has served me well and would like to continue with it.  I've also got a great memory so I what I took X photos back in the Fall of 2005 so I can quickly find what I want.  I'm kind of like the family photographer so I get called on enough to pull up photos for them.
      • When open, Picasa immediately recognizes that a new folder has been added to my photo direction and builds the previews for me.
      • Using Picasa, I can quickly scroll down and see all my photos.  Picasa groups my photos by folder so it's easy to see where a specific date/event starts and ends.
      • Photo directory is always backed up to the cloud.  Deletes are cached for 30 days so no risk of losing anything by accident when working with folders directly.


      So all that to say that I imported my 50,000 images into Lightroom yesterday.  I did the XMP sidecar thing + 1:1 renders. I let it run overnight to finish it all off and I'm now in a position where I have ALL the images are in one big page, they are not sorted by folder (by filename) and it is painfully slow to scroll through all of them.  I've optimized the catalog, increased the cache to 30GB.  My PC is an i7 with 16GB of ram and my OS is on a SSD drive while LR and the cache run off a 7200RPM drive.


      I've read that I should move things into separate catalogs to speed up performance but coming from a situation where everything is instantly and quickly available seems like a huge downgrade to me.   I've also read that I should create collections for all my stuff but that seems like a LOT of work for something that I'm not sure about because the performance is so sluggish.


      I've also read that I should archive my old photos but as I explained above, I routinely need to access stuff from 10-15 years ago so it's best to have it around.  Additionally, it seems that there are issues with the latest version of Lightroom so maybe I've just come at a bad time? 


      Is there any way to get Picasa like folder organizing / viewing and performance into Lightroom through plugins?


      I'm not knocking LR here, I genuinely would like to use it (the photo adjustments are fantastic)  but it's hard to have to pay so much money for something that seems so laggy.


      Recommendations/solutions would be appreciated! Thanks.