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    How to setup a default folder in LR CC


      Hi There,


      I'm evaluating Lightroom because I need a replacement of Apples outdated Aperture. So I think the market leader should be worth a look.

      But I'm fighting with the first step - importing Fotos. The main use-case for me to use a software like Lightroom is, that I don't wan't to care about the physical Folders on my disk. I only want one folder - let's call it Library and everything should be in this single folder.

      I like working with folder structures (I know, there are different meanings about using structures or collections - but I wan't to stay with structures - so please don't discuss this here ;-) )

      So I wan't to setup a default folder where Lightroom should create all subfolders in. I don't wan't to choose the whole physical folder on import - it should show me always the same folder as starting point. At the moment - when I say "create new folder" it always shows me the last opened folder - which in my case is the folder from where I startet the first import. At this point I will never see a different folder than the Library Folder.


      Is this possible?