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    After Effects Render Error: Internal Verification Error (No current context)


      Hi There,


      i want to create a video for my girlfriend and downloaded yesterday AE as well as this template: Romantic Memories - After Effects Project Files | VideoHive
      I am running a macbook pro mid 2015 with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.


      As soon as i opened the first part of the template .aep, i got a message, that the project must be converted from version 11.0 (Windows 64).

      Afterwards the project was opened and the next warning appeared, that for "Ray-tracing" on the GPU a NVIDIA-graphics card with Cuda 5.0 or higher is needed. Ray Tracing is using the CPU.


      After i clicked on "ok" there rendering process started, but failed and following message occurred: After effects Error: Internal Verification Error (No Current Context)

      Then i had to click 12 times on "ok" until this message disappeared - the problem is, that as soon as i get back to the rendering process the message appears again.


      If you need any more information or some screens - please just tell me.



      Thank you for your help!!!!
      Best Regards