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    NCS etc.

      I'd like to make a suggestion:

      The Swedish NCS color system (www.ncscolor.com) features 6 basic colours: blue, green, yellow, red, white and black. The system has a not widely known but very interesting feature: it arranges colors by whiteness rather than by lightness. This feature makes it possible to combine colors of the same whiteness. The result is amazing. For instance a light yellow may be combined with a milky but considerably darker blue, making a stunning combination. NCS makes it easy to produce usefull color combinations in quite another way than the classic Itten inspired combinations that are currently offered on Kuler.

      And then there's the long forgotten Aemelius Muller who came up with a most interesting system (or algorithm) that allows for actually computing appealing color combinations. (See http://www.colorjinn.com/en/6oncolour/taste/1/1.html)

      Kuler is cool. But I'd say give Itten a rest and look for more, alternative ways producing color combinations.