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    HSV color shift

      My understanding of the traditional color theory (Itten's) is that it's based on the HSV space. The rules are governed by H, and the S and V values should not alter the color model.

      The graphical UI in your current implementation implements H and S only, which is fine for simplicity. I can adjust S and V via the HSV sliders. However, I have noted that the H value will shift when using the S / V sliders. Consequently, the shifted H value would modify the color values as well. As such, for example,, using the default setting for the analogus rule, sliding the S or V sliders left and right would eventually turn all the swatches into the single hue.

      This looks like some kind of rounding error to me. Either you are rounding off values too soon in the color space conversion, or the reference space used is not able to support all the colors defined in the HSV space. But it is clearly a bug.

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          seemingleenyc Level 1
          Now that I've tried the custom rule which allows me to unlock the arms, I think that you are likely to be using RGB as your internal base color space, and then performing color value conversion from that space. However, it also seems like that you are storing integer values only, so sliding S values back and forth will always point the H values to either pure R, pure G or pure B. Perhaps if you use float values inside the program would eliminate the bug I explained above?
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            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
            Hi, thank you for the post. I'm forwarding to the dev team.