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    Change in Connection Profile

      We recently integrated Contribute with a site redesign for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington (Virginia). It is a large site with 500 - 600+ pages. We are on a maintenance contract with CDA, and when they have an update to the site they contact us. Recently they needed an update with affected all 600ish pages. Because they have an internal webmaster who makes changes to files on a somewhat frequent basis, we needed to perform a DW sync/checkout to ensure that we had the most recent files. After making the update we checked the files in. Shortly after, the Diocese contacted us reporting that their content authors connection profiles in Contribute were now pointing at our development server. How could this have happened. We are not the Contribute administrator for this site (that would be their internal webmaster), and did not login to Contribute to implement their requested change(s). Is there something we might have done which would have caused this issue, or is it more likely that it happened on their end and was just a coincidence?

      For the record, their internal webmaster was working from our development server prior to deployment.