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    Font recognition issues with Adobe InDesign CC 2015




      I am having font  issues with InDesign CC 2015 on my PC. My coworker is using a Mac and the same version of ID as me. However, when he sends me an ID file created on his computer and I open it up - ID does NOT recognize the fonts used - EVEN THOUGH I have the same exact fonts on my computer. If I manually go in and change the fonts myself this can work BUT the same exact font looks different from his font, ie, his Franlkin Gothic Demi Compressed looks different from mine (even though it is the exact same font). If I edit the file in any way and send it back to him - when he opens it again on his computer - he has the same issue and ID says that he does not have the correct fonts - even though the original file was made on his computer. So basically, ID does not want to recognize/load fonts that I know I have and it corrupts the file.


      Solutions I have tried:


      - Adding fonts in Adobe Typekit,

      - Adding fonts to the ID Font Folder

      - Uninstalling reinstalling ID on my computer.


      Is this a PC - Mac or cross platform issue?


      Any help is appreciated.