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    Fonts won't Display in Kindle App?

    Favour Renate

      a/ I created a Fixed Layout EpUb with InDesign CC.
      b/ I deleted the encryption.xml file.
      c/ Then I added the font to the content.opf:
      <manifest><!--fonts--><item id="DorovarFLF-Carolus" href="font/DorovarFLF-Carolus.ttf"; media-type="application/x-font-ttf";>
      d/ Then I made sure the font was in a .css file with @font-face
      e/ I ran the latest version of Kindlegen and disabled the font in my system.
      RESULT: The font was not displayed in my fixed layouted ePub in Kindle.

      What else can I do?

      Thanks for any help!!!!

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