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    Line Weight -- Neither my mouse nor my digital pen is able to "wake up" (in order to adjust) the line weight field. It's stuck  on 0 pt.


      Version InDesign CS4 -- Haven't used product for a couple of years. Recently bought a Wacom 27" Cintiq and upgraded hardware to accommodate it (GE Force 950 graphic card, I-7 Processor, increased RAM to 16MG, two monitors [one of which is the Wacom digital pad]  are set at HD 2X resolution). These are the only changes made since last using InDesign.


      Have reinstalled InDesign completely after running into trouble looking for updates (kept telling me the updater was already running in the background which did not seem to be true).


      Anyway, cannot use program if I can't access the line weight.


      Advice/Feedback would be much appreciated.


      Thank you,