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    Blue Snowball Mic and Captivate

      I recently purchased the Blue Snowball (USB) Mic to use with Captivate. It's properly configured through windows and works in other Apps, but it not working in Captivate.

      Please advise
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi MissDona and welcome to the community

          Well, I see you are totally new here, so my guess is that you logged into the forums after noticing the issue. Had you done this prior to purchasing the mic, you could have performed a search and discovered that USB microphones are often troublesome with Captivate. We typically recommend using the type of mic that has the little phono plug like you typically see at the end of earbud headphones and plugs into the Walkman, IPod or other MP3 type player.

          Perhaps returning to the store and exchanging for this type of microphone (or headset speaker mic) is an option?

          Sorry, but I have no "easy button" solution for the USB mic. I only know from reading posts that they are frequently not recognized by Captivate. I've also seen reports where Captivate recognizes them off and on. Maybe they could record audio once or twice, then it suddenly stopped.

          Cheers... Rick