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    Want to see true RAW+JPEG support in Lightroom?


      Hi Adobe community. My name is Joseph; I run the website that used to be ApertureExpert (please, hold back your tears), currently branded as PhotoApps.Expert.

      I've converted to Lightroom, but one of the biggest missing features for me and many others is a viable RAW+JPEG workflow. I've spoken to folks at Adobe about it and they don't believe it's a feature their customers need or want. I'm rallying to change their mind.


      If this is something you're interested in seeing, please go to "Petitioning Adobe to Add RAW+JPEG Support to Lightroom | PhotosApps.Expert" and comment there to "sign" the petition. Adobe will see it and hopefully this will encourage them to add the feature.


      If you're not sure why anyone would want this, please do read that post. I go into detail on a variety of reasons to shoot both RAW and JPEG — who knows, you might become a convert yourself!


      Thanks a ton,