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    Unable to download books on Android device

    roveindusk Level 1

      I'm unable to download books on Android device.


      Error is the following:

      Connection error detected

      Digital editions cound not connect to the fulfillment server. Please make sure you are connected to the internet.


      My internet connection is ok, since opening pages in browser and all other services using internet are working as expected.

      Adobe digital editions app is freshly installed on my device for the first time, and i have not changed any settings.

      I've got neither antivirus nor firewall of any kind.

      My device is Samsung galaxy note 4 if that helps in any way.

      Books i try to download all were bought from google play books.


      Does anyone have any idea how this problem could be solved?

      Or is there some alternative way to download epub file (except for pirating it, which is ridiculous for stuff i've actually bought =), considering the fact that i've got only Xubuntu and no windows or mac os on my other devices?