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    Is there any way to force a "Real-Time" preview?


      I understand how the new preview tab works, all the options it has and the latest bug fixes Adobe has made for this. I've read other comments by the community, but the problem remains. I need to be able to preview my animation in After Effects in real-time. If I'm trying to set a pace for an animation, it's not good enough to preview something at 21.3fps or 14fps when I need it to be at 24fps.


      I understand other users might benefit from the new system, but this change has completely ruined my workflow. It's impossible to know if your animation is working as perfectly as it should when you're watching something in "slow motion" at 10fps. The audio can't keep up and stutters so it's hard to tell if the animation works with the music/voiceover, and every time I want to see what the final render might look like, I have to actually render out the chunk I want to visualize.


      I'm sorry but it's just making me waste so much time which at the end of the day is money...


      So once again: Is there any way to force a "Real-Time" preview?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions or thoughts!