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    Transfer data from one form to another


      This script works for copying data from one file to all other files within the portfolio that have the same form fields.  My question is what do I need to change to make this work for a pdf file attachment? I have a pdf file that consists of 65 pages.  Certain pages from this pdf file will need to be uploaded but not the entire 65 page pdf document.  So I have made a copy of those few pages and saved them as one combined pdf attachment.  I do not want users to have to re-type in all the form field information to upload these pages.


      This process works great for portfolios.  I need the same concept for pdf attachments...


         // the list of files to process:

         var lPortfolioFiles = [ "Annual 504 Parent Packet (English).pdf", "Form 7.pdf", "Annual 504 Review (English).pdf", "Form 13.pdf", "Form 13 - BIP.pdf", "Additional Notes Page.pdf", "Form 15.pdf", "Form 17.pdf", "Form 18.pdf", "STAAR-A (English).pdf" ];


      function CopyDataToFile(source, dest) {

          // iterate over all form fields in the destination form and copy from

          // the field with the same name from the source (if available)

          for (var i=0; i<dest.numFields; i++) {

              var fieldName = dest.getNthFieldName(i);

              var f1 = source.getField(fieldName);

              if (f1 != null) {

                  dest.getField(fieldName).value = f1.value;

      console.println("Field name: " + fieldName + "\nData = " + f1.value);





      function CopyData(doc)


        // what is our file name?

        var myFileName = doc.path;

        // get the portfolio part of the path

        var re = /(\|.*\|)(U:(\uFEFF|\uFFFE)<0>)(.*)/;

        var res = myFileName.match(re);


        // process all files in the list

        for (var i in lPortfolioFiles) {

        var fileName = res[1] + res[2] + lPortfolioFiles[i];

        var d2 = app.openDoc(fileName);

        CopyDataToFile(doc, d2);