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    Extra Line after End of Paragraph




      I'm a relative newbie to InDesign, and I have a problem. I've gotten the rest of the formatting for my book to (mostly) behave, save for one little issue. Now there's an extra line between all of my paragraphs and I can't figure out why! I took a snapshot of what my page is looking like.


      Gyazo - d5499ef382026401947717e1078b4831.png

      Gyazo - 3e2de99f7af41106e3685ea21694c98b.png


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Migintosh Level 4

          There is a paragraph attribute called Space After. Yours is set to 6 points. If it's part of a paragraph style, change it there and all of the type that is styled with that style will change. If you aren't using paragraph styles (shame on you), then you will have to select each bit of type and change it manually. Just kidding about shaming you, but styles will help you greatly, so you should look into using them.


          Also, it looks like you have your type locked to the baseline grid.

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            Avamarine Level 1

            Aaaaaah, thank you. I was trying to change it outside of the paragraph style I was using. I have been using those!


            I do have my text aligned to a baseline grid. That's what I was taught to do. Is that bad? D:

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              Migintosh Level 4

              Avamarine wrote:


              Is that bad? D:

              It's not bad or good. It's just a thing. If you like your type to be even, it can be helpful, but it can also force a line of type to the next available grid line if it exceeds the given parameters, and you can't position type except on the grid, but you can have type that sticks to the grid and other type that doesn't in the same document if you like.