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    Can you recommend me a book?

    roozbeh_fir Level 1
      I'm a complete amateur in actionscript. Although i've been working with flash for years as a designer so i've got to do something with actionscript but not beyond simple scripts like loadmovie and fscommand! Now i feel i need some more serious and huge upgrades. you guys can show me a complete step by step learning book on actionscript? have heard the Flash actionscript Bible is the best one? is it the right book i got to buy?
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          Peter Lorent Level 2
          Search for 'book' in this forum.
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            Training from the source books (ActionScript) are great places to start. Also I'd look at some of the Friends of Ed (ActionScript foundation) books. Don't know the exact titles but those are good beginner AS books.
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              demetriusmcclain Level 1
              you may want to start with the help tab in flash. It has some powerful actionscript ex. For instance when you go to help, type in transition manager and look at the classes.

              Try this tutorial I whipped up. I sent it to another member and I think it will give you some insight of the power you are missing out on.

              Ok open flash. Select rectangle tool. Draw out a button at the normal size you want it. Then select the free transform tool. Select the button you drew. In the center of the button should be a circle. Drag this circle to the left edge of the button. You should only move it horizontally across so that its still in the center but on the left edge. Now select the black arrow again. Select the button again and right click it to convert to symbol. name it whatever you want. For this example I named it box. Make sure Movie Clip is selected. (I'll explain in a minute). Also, make sure the registration point is the left center edge. Just like when you selected the free transform tool. Click Ok. Now for the explaination. You want to always use Movie Clips instead of button. Well not always but most of the time. Because movie clips can be used for more than just buttons. I won't get too detailed but when this tutorial is finished you will see you can make a movieclip respond like a button.
              Now back to work! :)
              Now select box and go to properties and give instance name box.
              Insert layer. Open actions panel and insert the following

              import mx.transitions.Tween;
              import mx.transitions.easing.*;

              box.onRollOver = function() {
              var tw:Tween = new Tween(this,"_xscale",mx.transitions.easing.Elastic.easeOut,100,300,3,true);

              box.onRollOut = function() {
              var tw:Tween = new Tween(this,"_xscale",mx.transitions.easing.Elastic.easeOut,300,100,3,true);

              Now test your movie