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    Adobe you stink LR is a MESS

    Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

      Ok I've updated twice in the last, What, 3 Days. And you have really Screwed the Pooch. The import dialog is a MESS. No more "Don't Import Duplicates"?????????


      I have a card that has some older images on it that I have already imported. I can SEE them, Same subject Same File Number, in Windows Explorer and now LR want Reimport them. This happened to me the other day and a -2 got added to the file name.


      I think you need to FIRE whoever came up with this New, Supposedly Improved, import dialog because it is the WORST.


      Then you have the Destination area. It just says Pictures without the PATH to that Pictures folder. Sorry but I might have multiple Picture folders for different projects/jobs I am working on.


      Just who are the IDIOTS that came up with this? Kindergarten age?