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    LR 6.2 - "Import" function almost useless.


      Since getting in contact with Adobe to raise a complaint appears to be convoluted on the web site, I'll try here. So, apologies for the rant, but the latest upgrade from 6->6.2 has broken a number of things that were working well.


      Adobe, who on earth decided that "idiot mode" was a required feature in a product that was working well? My workflow has not improved by the changes to the Import facility, if anything, I need to do a lot more checking before importing. Others have detailed the flawed changes done to the import facility, so I won't repeat them.


      If you are trying to push people away from your products, by making radical changes, you appear to be doing well. At least give people the option to select the changes.




      A once loyal, but now frustrated Adobe user.