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    Lr won't launch after quitting the app.

    MEH2010 Level 1

      Using Windows 10. Just “upgraded” my Lightroom from v6.2 to v6.2.1 Both versions 6.2 and 6.2.1 have the same problem for me. Lr starts up and runs fine for me the 1st time. However, if I shutdown Lr and then try to restart it, it does NOT start. I have waited and waited but no restart. I have found in Task Manager that Lr is open as a background process but not an active app. If I try to open Lr again, it starts another background process but still the app does not start. In Task Manager if I end all Lr background processes (tasks) then Lr will start.

      A little more info…. when Lr is stuck I see that the first Lr background process is using 0% CPU, 339.8 MB memory, 0 MB/s Disk and 0 Mbps Network. The 2nd Lr background process uses 0%, 6.9 MB, 0 MB/s, 0 Mbps.



      Why can’t I restart Lr normally?