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    Lightroom CC 2015 Update: Crashes in panorama creation and in export


      With the current update (camera raw) Lightroom CC 2015 crashes arbitrarily on Mac El Capitan.

      First, I couldn't install the camera raw update, because files couldn't be  zipped - I had to create a new admin account (seriously?) and install it - at least Photoshop CR update worked, Lightroom failed.


      I continued working on my pictures in Lightroom as I needed to finish a job. Lightroom started to crash whenever I created panoramas. So I had to do them with Photoshop CC which worked.


      Now Lightroom crashes whenever I try to EXPORT files.


      I have - optimized the catalogue

      I have uninstalled Lightroom and Photoshop and installed them anew.

      I have restarted the Mac several times.

      I have once again optimized the catalogue.


      This program still does not work.

      I cannot revert to an older version as the older version is incompatible with the updated catalogue.


      In short: I am stuck and I am angry beyond belief.


      Why on earth can't I revert to the last stable version? One step back so I could work. Now I can't work and my time is money. Who will pay for that?