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    ASE Specification

      I looking for a specification of the ASE binary File.

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          Are you in the right forum?

          Kuler has nothing to do with the Adobe Color Engine, or the Adobe Certified Expert program.
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            3ABNPublishing Level 1
            Maybe he means the .ase (ASE) files that kuler exports when you save to your computer.
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              Ah. We're still debating documenting ASE files more publicly (I think they are documented in the SDKs).

              But I suspect that Kuler will eventually add other export formats.
              Or you can import the ASE files into a CS2 application and save them out as .aco, .ai, .css, etc. (they were designed to work across all the suite applications)
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                snowgarden Level 1
                Sorry, what i meant was ASE. Thank's for the hint of the SDK.
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                  Hey Distant Thunder,

                  Thanks for the recommendation. At this time, the kuler team is still investigating additional file format support and how we wish to work with ASE file format.


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                    This very same thought occurred to me.

                    btw Thank you Adobe for Kuler. I think the idea is absolutely fantastic. I felt one of those marvelous rushes of creative inspiration as soon as I started playing with it because it is something I had tried in various clumsy ways to implement for myself.

                    Because of that the question arose, as I need to also implement color schemes in cocoa apps, how should I save or convert these files to use them in, say, KeyNote?

                    Again a clumsy method I thought of was to do a screen capture of the swatches and drag them into Apple's Color Picker where I can pick up the colors with the eyedropper. But surely there must be an easier way!

                    What do all of those formats you mentioned mean. Also if I need to use the swatches in strictly CMYK in non Adobe CS apps, how do I get at the data?

                    Sorry for asking so many questions but I really do find this so exciting and am just dying to implement them whereever I can.

                    One little wish. I 'd like to switch the background from the black to test against a neutral grey or white, or any color come to that.
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                      Peter_Breis Level 1
                      btw I notice some of the files DL as xml eg Luxurious.ase.xml.

                      How do I correct this?
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                        You can't -- they'll have to correct it in Kuler (it's a bug).
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                          Tim Strickland Level 1
                          The Luxurious.ase.xml download appears to be a bug. We'll be taking a look at it after the holiday break. Peter, could you provide your OS and browser that you were using when this occurred? Thanks.
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                            Peter_Breis Level 1
                            It was not just the Luxurious.ase. There were a series. I just mentioned that one so you could check it..

                            I am using Mac OSX 10.4.8 and Safari.

                            Here are some others:

                            Warm Leatherette.ase.xml
                            ToeKnee's Cool.ase.xml
                            Red Velvet Cake.ase.xml
                            Raw Sugar.ase.xml
                            Open Air.ase.xml
                            Mint Chocolate Chip.ase.xml
                            Harmonica Sunbeam.ase.xml
                            Fruity iMac.ase.xml
                            Deep Woods.ase.xml
                            Computer World.ase.xml
                            Christmas Cocoa.ase.xml
                            Cherry Garcia.ase.xml
                            Casual Fridays.ase.xml
                            Calm Adobe.ase.xml
                            Buttercream Crusty.ase.xml
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                              Peter_Breis Level 1
                              The bug seems to reside with the particular color, at least the ones I've tested.

                              Another bug I have noticed is that signing in takes you to a completely different color page.

                              Also there doesn't seem to be any way to sensibly navigate in the browser. For instance editing/checking the specs on a kulur set, the back button is completely grayed out and you lose your history.
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                                Tim Strickland Level 1
                                After a quick check on the themes you listed its possible this is related to the fact that they were all saved in HSV color space. We've logged this a high priority bug and will resolve this as soon as we can. Thanks for the detailed feedback.
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                                  snowgarden Level 1

                                  Originally posted by: snowgarden
                                  Sorry, what i meant was ASE. Thank's for the hint of the SDK.

                                  The SKD dosn't include the file format specification. I need to update my membership for about 200$. That's to much for only one little file format specification of the ASE file.
                                  I'll try reverse engineering.
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                                    You don't have to update your ASN membership at all for the Photoshop SDK.
                                    It's free (but access controlled).