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    Lightroom CC: General stability issues, and crashes upon import

    Teddyen Level 1

      Please fix the latest version of Lightroom. It's killing me.


      Lightroom suddenly won't import from any cameras, only through card readers. Refuses to load thumbnail images, and locks up. Other programs with similar functions work fine. No changes in Windows.


      Lightroom also stops responding every five-ten minutes. Task manager reports full CPU usage, while RAM usage drops slowly as the program is unresponsive.


      I've used Lightroom professionally for years.


      Win 7, 64-bit.¨


      EDIT: And, oh, yeah, please get back the old import dialogue. I'm not a thirteen year old girl who takes pictures with my cell phone. Honestly, what were you thinking? It's worse in every distinction. Actually, I'm going back to LR5 for now, this is ridiculous.