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    Lr mobile will not sync to desktop

    jschau4700 Level 1

      Lightroom mobile is not syncing to the desktop. However, Lightroom desktop is syncing to Lightroom mobile. For example, every image that I send to Lightroom mobile from Photoshop Fix goes to the Photoshop Fix collection in Lightroom mobile. That collection does appear on the desktop in the From Lr Mobile collection set but it is empty. If I put an image into the Photoshop Fix collection on the desktop it is synced to Lightroom mobile however. The same it true for any image from Photoshop Mix to Lr Mobile. Also files from Fix and Mix show up in Lr Mobile without any capture info.


      I've found the following errors in the diagnostic log but I don't know if they are related to my issue.

      • recentErrors:
            • 1:
              • message:
                • 471843c26f794594a650d5b13c1024a2: failed to update oz payload of type 'asset' with id 471843c26f794594a650d5b13c1024a2. Reason: queuePendingAssetPayload failed
                • 4e65f08dda5a3e5e224d93a1f2e2a4cf: failed to update oz payload of type 'asset' with id 4e65f08dda5a3e5e224d93a1f2e2a4cf. Reason: queuePendingAssetPayload failed
                • 88c6b9bb77e547d404b8338d0a178ffa: failed to update oz payload of type 'asset' with id 88c6b9bb77e547d404b8338d0a178ffa. Reason: queuePendingAssetPayload failed
                • c408f30c474169cbc48198433ae42656: failed to update oz payload of type 'asset' with id c408f30c474169cbc48198433ae42656. Reason: queuePendingAssetPayload failed


      I have this issue on my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 both running iOS 9.0.2. I'm running OS X 10.11 El Capitan on my iMac with Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.2.