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    Files missing after changing computer with Adobe Premiere Elements 9




      I recently changed my computer, and I installed Adobe Premiere Elements 9, which I had on my old computer. I actually changed computer hoping it would be going better, because it was always crashing on my old computer. I tested it, I created a new project, and everything went pretty well. But of course I also want to continue editing my old projects. The problem is that, even if my library of files is organized the very same way as with my old computer, Adobe Premiere isn't able to associate the files in my projects with their source. So each of my files (sounds, videos, musics, effects) aren't recognized and I have to restore them one by one by clicking of them and searching in my library. Now, I rapidly understood I couldn't go that way do, because I'm editing thousands of files.


      But I have difficulties to believe that there's no way Premiere can recognize the files by itself, like iTunes can do when  there's music missing. I mean, Premiere knows how exactly the missing files are supposed to be, so why couldn't it find them? Does that mean that if my computer had broken, I couldn't have edited my old projects on a new one? That doesn't make any sens.


      Thanks in advance,



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What did you go from and to with regard to computer operating system?

          Did you work with the 9.0.1 Update before and after the change of computers?


          If you know where the source media are for the projects from the first computer and directories and drive letters have really not changed, then I would take advantage of the "Where is the file ____?" messages to begin the recovery. Often after you have answered the first two or three messages, the project may automatically associate the rest. Worth a try if you have not tried that before.


          After you saved closed those projects from Premiere Elements on computer 1, did you move, delete, or rename any of the source media that went into that project after the save close? Do you store your source media on an external hard drive? If so, is the drive letter of that external drive the same on computer 1 as 2?


          Please consider.





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            MrJoshameeGibbs Level 1

            A.T. Romano,


            I was on Windows 7, now I'm on Windows 8.

            I don't even know if I'm using 9.0.1 How do I know?


            I used the "Where is the file ____?" at the beginning, but for some reason it doesn't associate the rest.


            Some of the source media were renamed back when I was on computer 1. So I had to re-associate them with their source when that hapenned. But the problem now is that even if I had re-associate them on computer 1, Adobe kept their old names, so it's even more difficult for me to identify them on computer 2. But that's not the main issue, because there aren't that many files which were renamed, so I can deal with that.


            Oh and I forgot to mention I still have the old computer, I just bought a new one to use Adobe Premiere on it. So, if I find out I'm uusing 9.0.1 on the new one and 9.0 on the old one, I can install 9.0.1 on the old one, if that would help, and then re-transfer my projects on the new one.


            Thank you for the quick reply!



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              Thanks for the reply.


              To verify version..please open Premiere Elements to its Timeline workspace. Go to Help Menu/About Premiere Elements. The top of the screen that opens should include version 9.0.1 if you have downloaded and installed 9.0.1 and are working from it.


              Please consider the following strategy and see if it resolves the issue...just do it for one project as a test run...


              1. Return to computer 1, open your project and determine that it opens with all the source media associated to the project.

              2. Create a "Copied Folder" using File Menu/Project Archiver and its Copy Project option.

              3. Transfer the "Copied Folder" to computer 2 hard drive....maybe with USB Flash Drive.

              4. Open "Copied Folder" on computer 2, find the project file (.prel), right click it, select Open With and then Adobe Premiere Elements 9.0.

              Does the project open in the Adobe Premiere Elements 9.0 on computer 2 with all its source media present?



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                MrJoshameeGibbs Level 1

                Sorry for the late reply. I tried a couple of things to make sure.


                I found out I'm using 9.0 on both computers. Should I upgrade them?


                I tried your suggestion, but sadly it didn't work. Thank you for your help though.


                When I opened the project, I tried again going with "Where is the file ____?". It took me about 30 minutes, but I finally went throughout all the missing source media for that specific project. For some reason, Premiere didn't associate any of my music, but it did associate some of my videos and sounds. So it didn't go as bad as I thought, even if I would prefer not needing to spend half an hour -- and sometimes probably more -- on every project before opening it.


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                  Thanks for the update and the good news that you were about to reconnect the project with its source media. That was an especially great job since it is a difficult and often time consuming test to perform.


                  If Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 has all the features that you need for your video editing projects, you can stay with it. There are marked changes in the latest versions and especially in Premiere Elements 14 just released, especially in its Expert & Share area whose counterpart you have in 9.0/9.0.1 named Share.

                  Just make sure you are running 9.0 as the 9.0.1 Update. If you do want to explore 14, then consider looking at the 14 tryout before purchase to assure its compatibility with your computer operating system and project goals. You do not have to uninstall 9.0/9.0.1 in order to install and run the free 30 day tryout of 14.


                  And, if you get to the point where you want to open project files from 9.0/9.0.1 in 14, then work from copies of the 9.0/9.0.1 project files. There is no guarantee that you will be able to open the 9.0/9.0.1 project files in 14, but can be possible at times. Best suggestion is to finish the 9.0/9.0.1 projects in 9.0/9.0.1 and start with new projects in 14.


                  Project Archives, just in case

                  Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Archiving projects

                  And, special attention to moving, deleting, renaming files and folders that went into a project after the project save close.

                  And, if source media are stored on an external hard drive, check periodically to determine if the drive letter is changing unexpectedly.


                  Best wishes