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    Included music in PE14

    Duke Green Level 1

      Hello. I have just purchased PE14 as a download and installed. I've got a new project to start on and was anxious to see the choices for music included with the program. But, when I click on the Music tab, bottom right, there is nothing there. Only a 'Frequently Used' folder, which is empty. Am I just impatient, will this automatically download after some time of use?


      Thanks in advance.


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          This sounds like what has gone on in the past - there is a delay of minutes to hours, extreme day, before the appearance of the Music Scores and/or Sound Effects. They are all there. All the same as in 13/13.1. Nothing new.


          Excerpt from my Premiere Elements 14 First Look Details blog

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: Premiere Elements 14 First Look Details

          Music Score has 7 subdivisions and a total of 51 free soundtracks, customizable according to SmartSound concept, but this is not SmartSound . The Music Score subdivisions and the number of soundtracks in them are Ambient (6), Atmospheric (8), Blues (2), Country (5), Rock-Pop (22), Urban (4), and Weddings (5). The choices appear to be all Content Download type.

          Sound Effects has 13 subdivisions and a total of 268 free sound effects. The Sound Effects subcategories and the number of sound effects in them are Ambience (49), Animals (10), Cartoon Effects (20), Crashes (10), Fire and Explosions (18), Foley (30), Impacts (20), Industry (10), Liquids (10), Science Fiction (30), Technology (30), Transportation (11), and Weather (20). The choices appear to be all Content Complete.

          I am still working from the tryout of Premiere Elements 14 Windows 64 bit. Music Score and Sounds Effects did arrive in a timely fashion with the tryout download from Adobe. Did you do the program install with antivirus and firewalls disabled? Have you restarted the computer at least once since the install.

          Any files and folder showing up in the hard drive save location (Online Folder) for these Music Scores and Sound Effects,

          For more information see blog post cited above PART 2 CONTENT.

          Please update us on your progress. Troubleshooting strategy for the next several hours = patience.

          Please update us on your progress as your time permits.



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            Duke Green Level 1

            Thanks ATR. Yes, as you've suspected, the scores are appearing. The titles are in the proper directory, download on demand. It seemed to happen when PE14 realized I was serious about beginning a project. Sound effects are not here yet, but I'm less concerned about those. Looks like the entire upload made the trip.


            I look forward to working in the new version, so far it is a thumbs up!


            Thanks again


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              Thanks for the great news on the arrival of most of what is supposed to be under the Music Tab in the Premiere Elements 14.

              When all has arrived and if your schedule permits, please let us know how much time it took after the program installation for Music Score and Sound Effects content to show up under the Music Tab of the project. Well done with the patience on this.


              Best wishes



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                Duke Green Level 1

                ATR, I haven't paid much attention to the status of the music collection, have been assembling video and stills, but in that time, undercover of darkness, stealthily, I don't know how, it appears a complete tune selection has arrived. A nice collection, I will be able to make use of several of them. As far as the PE14 upgrade, I've been working with it for a month or so. No bad issues found. A good version, this one.


                I have a couple of questions.


                Can you point me to a thread on using the Organizer? I find myself with a huge number of clips, am currently managing them by separate folders in the Project Assets window, it's doing fine, but wonder if there might be a better way. I worked w/ Organizer for an hour or so, but it looked like it wanted to grab every piece of media that I ever looked at, place a date, time and location on it, then post it on FaceBook. I don't really want a social media shackle, so I don't use it.


                Second, in PE11, the mouse wheel would scroll the timeline horizontally (in Expert Mode). I can't find a setting to make PE14 do that. Where might I look?


                Thanks for the help.


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Sounding great including your music collection.


                  Elements Organizer 14




                  Let me know if you are OK with those links. If not, I will find some more.


                  As for those mouse scrolling of Timeline horizontally and vertically....let us see if you have been there and done this....


                  Premiere Elements 14 Windows 7 64 bit, Key Tronic Mouse Cursor with mouse cursor (USB)

                  a. move the _+ slider above the TImeline to max right

                  b. click anywhere in a blank gray area to the right of the Edit area monitor space scroll with the mouse wheel with the mouse cursor there - should get horizontal scrolling at the Timeline level (if you bring the mouse cursor to the track level - should get vertical scrolling).


                  Please refer to Item 0018 in the Premiere Elements 13 Daily Discoveries blog post

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: Premiere Elements 13 Daily Discoveries

                  This should apply to 14 as well.


                  Looking forward to your results as your schedule permits.