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    Project File Damaged Error Message for all projects open with AE2015


      I am having an issue whenever I try to open a project in AE 2015 (  I thought it was just with one project (and all of the auto saves that I tried opening of that project as well from up to a month and a half ago), but I tried to open another project and got the same exact "Warning".  Any thoughts?  I started having this error problem yesterday.  I gave up on troubleshooting and then downloaded the latest update through CC.  This is a file I use just about weekly.  Its a segment graphic that I make small changes to it with a new picture at the end and re-export each time and I've never had an issue with this previously. I have tried restarting, re-installing AE, re-installing plug ins that I had switched to a previous version to work in FCP7, restarting again, etc.  Still have the same problem.


      So when I open the main file I've been trying to work on - SOME of the work remains, but nearly all of the pre-comps and raw video that are normally there are removed from the timeline.  Like they were deleted.  There is still one pre-comp that is used around 14 seconds...it seems unaffected.  Any ideas?


      Since I need to work on this project I have downloaded AE 2014 (  It opens the project just fine and I have been able to make the adjustments necessary and exported the new file.


      Here are my system specs:  Mac Pro 6,1, 3.5GHz 6-Core, 64GB RAM