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    Syncing videos with 15.2 doesn't work

    DanCarr Level 1

      I've been tearing my hair out for days trying to solve the plethora of sync related issues that have been introduced with 6.2 and the corresponding LR Mobile update.

      As part of this process I had to un-sync all my collections and delete all the sync data from LR CC.  After doing this, I now have collections which won't sync the videos back up to the cloud.  These videos were originally added by auto-add from my mobile device, so there's no issue with the format of the video being incorrect or something like that.


      Now, though, clear as day, they just won't sync back to the cloud.  If I have a collection that contains both photos and videos, only the photos will be visible in the cloud and in LR Mobile.


      I've "deleted all data", i've trashed the sync file, I've signed in and out of LR Mobile and cleared the cached from the mobile apps.


      I'm out of ideas.