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    How do I Initiate a Platform Swap of Premiere/Photoshop Elements 13 From Windows to Mac?


      Hey everyone,


      Recently my old laptop, which had windows on it, broke and I got a macbook pro to replace it. I had Premiere Elements 13 as well as Photoshop Elements 13 on the old windows laptop, so they are currently under a windows platform, which means I cannot use them for mac. I've contacted Adobe customer support about this issue twice already and requested a platform swap and was told twice that they would switch the platform to mac and that I would receive new serial numbers on my account and via e-mail within 2-3 hours after the chat ended, TWICE. Both of these times nothing happened; the platform is still under windows and not mac, my serial numbers have not changed, and I think the old ones I currently have even been revoked. I honestly don't know what else to do and I think this whole process is absolutely convoluted and ridiculous. I don't understand why something like this, which seems so simple, is so hard to do.


      Is there any other way to get this issue solved besides customer support? Any help that I could get on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          This is strictly an Adobe Customer Service matter. There is no user way to affect the change you seek.


          Did you ask for this swap within 30 days of purchase of Premiere Elements 13 Windows? Did you purchase 13 as a download from Adobe? If you purchased elsewhere you would be governed by the return/refund/exchange policy of the seller.


          Otherwise, based on history, I see no way that Adobe would consider that type of exchange especially since they do not sell 13 any more once it released the current version 14. In your prior contact with Adobe regarding this matter, were you given a case number? Please do not post any serial numbers or case numbers in this public forum.


          If you have not already, please use one or both of the following to try to reconnect to Adobe about this matter...

          Contact Customer Care


          Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order


          Miscellaenous if and when applicable...

          1. When you purchase as download, the the download is according to the operating system of that computer. Adobe sells only the download.

          2. If you purchase the boxed packaging, you get two installation discs - one for Windows and one for Mac. This can be purchased from an authorized reseller.


          Please consider.