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    Serious, basic level performance issues with Lightroom CC that I cannot explain.

    willthisnamedo Level 1

      I know Lightroom CC has had some flak recently due to the recent update, personally I'm pretty happy with the dehaze brush and new camera profiles.


      What I'm not happy with however is how basic, simple tasks appear slower.


      When I mean basic...


      I created a new catalogue for Lightroom 5 and CC each with 700 50mb Tiffs in.


      I timed the export for Tiff - Jpeg @80% quality and 5000 px on the long edge.


      Lightroom 5 completed in 1:58 sec

      Lightroom CC (latest) completed in 2:48!


      One thing that stood out is that with Lightroom 5, the CPU usage was 33-36% constant. With CC it was 17% then 60% and it bounced around within that range throughout.


      Running I7, 3930K 12 core.