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    xml textbutton

      Hi all,

      My problem is that I want to communicatie with variables by adjusting the text fields.
      I want to send with a button outside the movieclip mc_textfield a pathname for example "text/text_2.xml" into the textfield in a movieclip called mc_textfield.The textfields will be finally adjust immediately. I can't get It right to send and adjust the variable content.load into the movieclip. Does anybody now how this can be done? Already thank!

      Button action

      this.onRelease = function() {
      _root.textloader = "text/text_2.xml"

      Actionscript in the movieclip mc_textfield on frame subject1 for example.

      content = new XML();
      content.ignoreWhite = true;
      function languageOnLoad() {
      titel.text = content.firstChild.childNodes[0].firstChild;
      subtitel.text = content.firstChild.childNodes[1].firstChild;
      maintext.text = content.firstChild.childNodes[2].firstChild;
      content.onLoad = languageOnLoad;