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    Help with lingo.ini

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      Dear all:

      I need to set some parameters in a Lingo.ini, these parameters can be the


      Can you tell me how to do this in the Lingo.ini, so I can use these
      parameters within the application?
      thank you very much

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Here's the text of your lingo.ini file:

          global gPort, gBaud, gParity -- etc

          on startUp()
          gPort = "com1"
          gBaud = 9600
          gParity = 0
          end startUp

          If you save this on Macintosh, be sure that you are using either Windows (DOS) or Macintosh end of line characters. If your file uses numToChar(10), the Unix end of line character, the lingo.ini file will not function.