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    garish, oversaturated screen colors when converting from InDesign to Acrobat


      Note: I posted a similar question on the Acrobat forum but received no response so I'm trying here. I hope someone will read my post and suggest a solution.


      I just bought a new wide-gamut NEC monitor (pa2w72) and calibrated it. Now colors in InDesign (and Photoshop, Lightroom) look great, on target.

      BUT when I convert a file from InDesign to Adobe Acrobat, the colors in the pdf (and only the pdf) look garish and oversaturated on my screen and do not match how they look in InDesign. I'm referring to CMYK colors in the pdf looking awful on the monitor. I'm using the proper Transparency Blend Space (cmyk) and following all the directions as I have been for years, but on this monitor my pdf colors are way, way off.


      At the same time, the same pdf file on all other monitors, even on a laptop screen, looks fine. The colors match the Indesign colors. This makes me think that my settings are correct, and that the NEC monitor  -- or the communication between InDesign and Acrobat on this monitor-- is the source of the problem. I was able to solve a similar garish color issue that appeared on images in my Firefox browser (on this monitor). As described above, photos that looked great in Photoshop, Lightroom or InDesign looked terrible in the browser (on this monitor): oversaturated, red cast, dark, etc. Luckily, after researching online, I found out there's a setting in Firefox that allows for color management, and now my photos in the Firefox browser look okay.


      In InDesign, I always follow all the profile and color management conventions for creating pdfs. I need the colors to be accurate (on screen) because that's what clients look at before approving jobs and allowing them to proceed to production.


      I have tried different profiles on the monitor (Adobe RGB, sRGB, native (wide gamut) but none of these made any difference. The colors still convert incorrectly from InDesign to Acrobat. It's almost as if, and here I'm just noting an impression, the colors are converting to some kind of crazy RGB instead of staying CMYK.


      Does anyone have any insight into this problem? Is there something I should be doing differently when outputting pdfs? I know this is an InDesign forum but is there a setting somewhere in Acrobat that would allow me to make some kind of adjustment to fix this issue. As mentioned, I've already calibrated the monitor a few times so I don't know what else to do. This NEC monitor, by the way, is highly recommended for professional use and comes with excellent Spectraview calibration software.


      I'm using InDesign CS6, Adobe Acrobat DC 2015 and Mac OS X 10.10.3. My monitor is an NEC-PA2W72.


      Thanks in advance!