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    LR6.1.1 Refuses to rename a person

    ThomasH_on_the_web Level 1

      While entering names to faces, somehow one of the names got introduced with 1st small letter. And so I have a "renata".  I tried to rename to "Renata", but the program simply ignored it and reverted to "renata". Ok, lets than make the (in)famous "windows trick": I renamed "renata" to "Rrenata". Got it, I have the "R" at the beginning. Lets than remove the spurious letter. "Rrenata" changed to "Renata", super, press return, and.... LR makes it back to "renata". I give up, one of my girls will have a corrupted name, or maybe I shall call her "Renata_", that is accepted.


      This LR6 is ridden by bugs, I have to hope that Adobe will seriously take on their promise to reignite the user oriented beta testing process. And, no, I will not advance to LR6.2 due to the Import Disaster, unless I will get a new camera with a "raw format version 2345," and I will be forced to take a new software...