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    'Copy Link' from 'My Themes' doesn't allow sharing


      A 'Copy Link' function is often used on websites to allow a user to share an object with others.  In Adobe Color, on the "My Themes" page you might think the 'Copy Link' button for a colour theme would achieve this, but what gets copied is a long complicated link that only works when you (the theme creator) are logged in.

      To share a newly created colour theme with others, you need to click 'Save', then click 'Publish', then 'Share', then 'Copy Link'.  Even once you've published a colour theme, the 'Copy Link' function in 'My Themes' still copies a useless link.

      This is very confusing having two identical buttons in different places, which produce quite different results.  This could easily result in someone sending a link to a desired colour scheme to someone else, without realising the receiver won't be able to view it.