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    Lightroom repeatedly freezes

    DreamSpirit Portraits

      I downloaded and installed Lightroom and Photoshop CC a week or so ago, as a monthly membership.  Photoshop works fine. Lightroom become non responsive every time I use it.  Message is "Lightroom is not responding."  I have to close and restart it. Sometimes it works 15 seconds before freezing, and sometimes it works 15-20 minutes.  The freezing occurs most often with the switch from Library to Develop module. I completely uninstalled Lightroom two days ago, shut down and restarted the computer, and reinstalled it.  Still does the same thing with no change. Installed the latest update yesterday, and have restarted it at least 10 times today. I am about ready to go back to Photoshop Elements for the organizer, and edit in Photoshop CC, but this is clearly not the way it should be or what I am paying for.


      OS is Windows 10. Memory is 16 GB. Primary hard drive for OS and programs is a one TB drive with 60% free space. Processor is Intel i5.   All images are stored on two other internal hard drives which are data only.  


      Any suggestions?