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    What is the correct way to import Polyphonic WAV files into AE and play them back?

    imageswami Level 1

      I recorded some audio on a Sound Devices 633 recorder/mixer - 48KHz, 24 bit, using a single mic (it needs phantom power, which was turned on). This created a WAV file. When I import it into Premiere Pro (CC), I can play it back without difficulty.


      When I import the same file into AE, I can see the audio waveform in the project pane (when I highlight the imported WAV file). When I drag it into my comp, open the item (the little triangle points down), open audio and then open waveform, I see just horizontal lines ("Show Audio Waveforms" is checked in the graph editor options). Too, when I start preview, I hear no audio.


      What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance for your help.