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    Works with Linux Flash plugin, or not?

      In the kuler "Getting Started" tab, it says, "kuler requires the Flash Player release for Mac and Windows and the beta player on Labs for Linux. Ensure that you have a compatible version of the Flash Player installed." Aside from the fact that it's pretty difficult to have Flash for Mac, Windows, and beta for Linux - perhaps an "or" would be recommended? - I just upgraded my Flash for Linux, from the Oct. 18 beta to the Nov. 20 beta, tried kuler out, and all I get is a Flash message saying "Express Install is not supported by this version of the Flash Player. To upgrade, please visit: Flash Player Download Center."
      Now, if it doesn't really work with the Linux plugin, I'd understand that; I'm just happy we're no longer stuck with Flash 7, and can actually use the YouTube and such finally. But if it doesn't, it would be nice if the text didn't mislead us to think that it would.
      If it should work, I'd like to figure out what's wrong with mine. One thing I haven't tried out yet is installing the plugin in the ~/.mozilla/plugins/ directory; I've only put it in /usr/lib/mozilla-*/plugins/. Might that make a difference, perhaps it will only install where it's installed, and I (as normal user) can't install in /usr/lib/, of course? If that's the case, I'd make a recommendation to the Flash 9 people that it try installing in other directories than where it's installed, but first I'd need to know whether that's the problem.