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    Effects are constrained to graphic's bounding box

    Bob HowardHorst

      It's been a few years since I've used AE (CS4 was the last version) and I'm having a problem that I know I didn't have before.  That is, whether I'm using an Illustrator or .JPG file, none of the effects will go outside of the bounding box of the graphic (I'm specifically trying to use "Shatter") . I've watched and read several tutorials on how to use effects (thinking something's changed since the last time I used AE). The instructor used imported graphics and none specified to do anything special with them.  They just applied the effect to the graphic and everything worked.  When I apply "Shatter" to a shape layer it works fine (the shape explodes outside of the bounding box), so I know I at least understand the basics.  I've read a few posts that have the constraint problem with text and the suggestion was to pre-comp it; but that doesn't work for me. I've also increased the radius of the effect so it goes well outside of the graphic's bounding box (as in the screenshot below).  I'm certain there's a simple solution to this; but I can't figure it out.  I've adjusted (I think) everything I can to both the graphic and the effect.  So what am I missing?


      Just so I'm clear, this issue isn't just with "Shatter."  It's with every effect I've tried ("Scatter," "Wave World," etc).  This is for AE Version using Windows 10.


      After Effects Constrained.JPG