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    Files auto deselecting when Creating subfolders

    Lightroom Autodeselect

      Experiencing a big change with file and folder management with the new Lightroom CC.


      In lightroom 5 when I needed to go through thousands of images create subfolders and move files into the subfolders based on category, I would navigate to the  main parent folder, find the files I needed to place in a subfolder, select and high-light all these files, right-click under the parent folder where I would get the option to create a subfolder and automatically add the selected files into this subfolder. As soon as the folder was created and the files where moved. After the folder was created and the files were moved, these files would remain highlighted until I clicked on another file or elsewhere in the application. This was great because I knew which files had just been moved and then I could select and new group of files to be moved to another sub folder. 


      With the new Lightroom CC, the process works the same for the most part however the big difference is that after I create and move the files to the selected subfolder, all of those highlighted files automatically deselect and lightroom navigates me back to the first file in that selection. So if I had a large number of files selected, I wouldn't know where I left off.  This is a huge blow to my workflow and something that was not occurring in lightroom 5. I would like the files I just moved to remain highlighted until I select and new set of files to be moved. This is how lightroom 5 worked.


      Aside from going back to Lightroom 5 any suggestions?