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    Need help to make a "take this lollipop" clone



      I'm in a project where I need to create a dynamic video like the famous "take this lollipop" where some content are dynamically added to the vídeo ,but I don't have enough experience with as3(I'm a js developer).

      Take this Screen shot of the video as an example, I need to simulate an facebook page with some dynamic content in it.


      What i'm thinking of doing is create a Movieclip with all the content and insert into the stage on top of the phone screen and on each frame change the position of the MovieClip, which must be distorted, to match the phone screen.

      All I want to know from experienced as3 developers is if that is the better solution or there is another way of doing it as this method require alot of manual work to match the coordinates of the phone screen.


      I thank you guys in advance for any help given.