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    Lightroom CC 2015.2 updates - mobile synced photos


      With the new Lightroom CC 2015.2 update, it seems that mobile synced photos can be moved to any folder and retain their synced status?


      Previously once a photo was moved from its mobile device folder in Lightroom CC, it was also removed from Lightroom Mobile but now the photo is retained in Lightroom mobile under All Photos?


      Is this correct behavior and how it is supposed to work?

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          Thank god I'm not alone with this. Every now an then I re-evaluate the LR Mobile if it finally aged to become usable. Right now it's this issue that kills it for me.

          I've just had a two hour remote support session with Adobe Support (Case ID: 0187218734) and here solution was (and I'm serious):


          Lightroom only syncs collections and not folders. Your Lightroom is working fine.


          She was perplexed by the automatically created iPhone device under Folders in LR CC. I've even showed her via remote session that

          • newly created photos on the iPhone get correctly synced to LR CC (to Folders > MyName iPhone > Imported Photos)
          • deleting a photo in LR CC from the "Imported Photos" folder properly deletes the photo on LR Mobile as well
          • but moving a photo from "Imported Photos" to a different folder on my SSD did not delete the photo LR mobile as before!


          3 times I asked if this is intended behavior only to receive no direct answer.


          Anyway this creates total chaos for my photos, as I absolutely have no idea which photos are synced and where they are located after I move them.

          And it kind of sucks to delete the photos manually in LR Mobile after I imported them. Guess I'm stuck at manually importing via cable again.

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            greule Adobe Employee

            Within the Lr Mobile app the "Lightroom Photos" are equal to the "All Synced Photographs" you can see in Lr Desktop.


            What that means is that you can have synced photos in Lr Mobile without having them  listed in any collection. In addition when you remove a photo form a collection it will be still part of the "Lightroom Photos" collection. When you would like to remove the photos completely from Lr Mobile you need to remove it from the "Lightroom Photos" collection.


            Hope that answers your questions.



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              IvanU Level 1

              Hi again,


              I understand how it "works", though in my opinion thats not how it should work, or how it worked in the previous versions. Also the LR (Mac) GUI is inconsistent with this.

              I'll try to explain the dilemma with the current implementation. Furthermore I still haven't figured out if the changed behavior is because of LR for Mac or Mobile.


              Previous behaviour:

              • LR Mobile (iPhone or iPad) was always mirrored in the LR Mac App
                • you delete (Delete from Disk) a photo on the LR Mac app, and the photo also gets deleted from the iPhone or iPad
                • you move a photo on the LR Mac app from the iPhone/iPad to a folder on a SSD, and the photo gets "removed" from the LR Mobile app, because the physical location of the photo changed.
                  • this behavior kind of reflects a situation where you'd connect an iPhone/iPad via cable to the Mac and move the photos away from mobile device


              Current behavior:

              • LR Mobile (iPhone or iPad) mirrors the "All Synced Photographs" location (in the Catalog Section)
                • you delete (Delete from Disk) a photo on the LR Mac app, and the photo also gets deleted from the iPhone or iPad (SAME AS ABOVE)Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 19.29.00.png
                • you move a photo on the LR Mac app from the iPhone/iPad to a folder on a SSD, but the photo remains on the LR Mobile app, even though the notification says otherwise
                  Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 19.09.09.png

              In both instances the LR Mac says that the file on disk will be moved or deleted, but with the current behavior this is simply not true.

              So either the message is wrong, or the behavior is wrong.


              You could argue that it is not a problem, I could just delete the photo from the "All Synced Photographs" location, after I've moved the files to a folder on SSD, but this is where it gets tricky.

              Imagine you've moved your files to a SSD on your computer (which gets backuped and so forth), you've worked on those iPhone/iPad photos, sorted them and put them in new collections, which you later sync (I'm talking LR Mobile sync here) to your mobile devices were you can present them to family or friends.

              Now, depending on how many collections you've synced, there will be hundreds if not thousands of photos synced from your LR Mac app to the Mobile App. All those photos now show up at the "All Synced Photographs" location.

              Now I'm taking a few new pictures over a time period on my iPhone (LR Mobile app), start at the top and move them to the SSD and so on. How on earth am I supposed to find scattered images that I've just easily moved away from the iPhone in the "All Synced Photographs" location, since they are scattered all over and between other synced photos?


              Maybe I'm missing something, but all I want to do is have ONE primary library.

              Right now I have to disable the "Auto Import Photos" option on LR Mobile, and import those photos manually via cable into LR Mac and go through the standard process of sorting, editing, sharing/syncing.

              Is there any way to get this through to Adobe and find out if the popups are wrong, or if maybe the behavior is really wrong?

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                I have the same problem, you have to keep track of hat is moved and not. It should work exactly as IvanU describes it.

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                  P Stickman

                  Gruele / Guido:

                  Thanks for your post on this question.  It has been the most direct answer I have found.  I have a follow up question though.  Does the "Lightroom Photos" behave the same as a collection collection? When I remove a photo in "Lighroom Photos" using LR Mobile, am I deleting the photo, removing the photo from my LR catalog (without deleting the file), or am I just unsyncing it from LR Mobile?

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                    greule Adobe Employee

                    When you delete the photo from LrMobile-> "Lightroom Photos", the photos will be deleted from the server-side. When you have these photos not yet synced to Lr Desktop they will be lost. As soon they are synced to Lr Desktop they still exist under Catalog->All Photographs when you trigger a delete within Lr Mobile afterwards. Hope this helps.- Guido

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                      slobizman Level 1

                      This isn't really true. At least not any longer if it was true before.


                      I have tested it a few times not.  If I take a photo in Lightroom Mobile on my iphone and let it sync, it ends up in the cloud and in Lightroom CC on my desktop.  If I then delete the photo in Lightroom Mobile, it removes it from the cloud and from my desktop Lightroom CC. 


                      That's really a shame, because once I get them over to my desktop I usually want to delete them off my phone.  The only way to do this is to make sure I remove them from "All Synced Photos" in LR CC first, and then delete them in LR Mobile.  Then, the photos are still found in All Photos in LR CC.