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    LR 6 develop module going extremely slow


      Again this serious issue !

      As LR 6 develop module was going extremely slow I upgraded my PC only to continue to use lightroom: intel core i7-4790 3,6 Ghz,  RAM 16 Go, graphic card  GE force GT 740 , 27” monitor resolution 2560x1440; LR6 software on a SSD hard drive.

      It’s better  to use the graphic processor, the antivirus doesnot analyze the raw files, previews are standard with quality set at medium; reducing the size of the preview doesnot help, and I certainly don’t want to reduce the resolution of the monitor.

      But the result is about the same, I have to wait 10 seconds or more with each action to clean a spot when it should be done immediately, I just can’ t process my pics this way.

      I hope Adobe will quickly fix that; thank you for your help.