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    Lightroom deleted photos from external hard drive after update


      I just installed the new update.  Wish I had read some of the forums before hand.     Had photos on external hard drive and wanted to add them to the catalogue .  After I added them to an existing catalogue,    I can not see the photos on the external hard drive.     If I click on the folder on the external hard drive, there is nothing in the folder.     If I unplug the external hard drive , I see the question mark by the photos.   


      In addition, if I take the external hard drive and plug into my lap top  ( Macbook Pro) ,  Lightroom finds the photos , and does not show the question mark.  However, I still can not see the photos on the external drive.  


      Where can I look , or how do I find them.   This seems very strange .


      Thanks for any assistance .