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    Synchronize folder in Lightroom 6 does not work as expected.  "No Photos or Videos were found to import" message is displayed.


      After upgrading to LR 6.2.1 from LR 5.7 on a PC the Synchronize Folder feature does not recognize new folders added within the folder being synchronized.

      For Example;

      The dialog detects that new jpeg photos are to be added but, after synchronizing, the message "No Photos of Videos to were found to import"  appears.

      One of my workflows is to collate other peoples photographs within my own folder as they are supplied to me.  I usually keep them in their own named folder.

      I shoot in RAW but other may not.






      Thus, synchronizing 2015_Event_Folder will detect any photos in the sub-folders, but will not add them nor add the sub-folder hierarchy...as it did in the previous versions.

      I've tried selecting the "show import dialog before importing" which then does add/import the photographs to the top level folder, which is not the desired result.
      Is this a bug or just a new method of synchronizing?