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    I didn't see exactly the same issues I'm having with the new release and not getting much on LR Forum so will post this

    jjaylad Level 1

      According to Lr ...Help/updates I have the latest version 2015.2.1


      Since updating yesterday there is no end to problems.

      Here's an excerpt from my last post in LR Forum:


      Pretty scary. My update was through CC via notification. I wonder if you have auto update selected in the program somewhere.

      (that part was in reply to another user whose version updated without him having triggered the update.)


      For sure I will never choose to update any CC program again for at least a few weeks during which I can see what is happening with it. I ran with another user's suggestion to give it a try last night and that was a very bad decision on my part.

      (I've been having nothing but problems with all Adobe updates for both PS and Lr lately. Countless unproductive hours because of it)


      I shot a a marathon last week. For the past several hours I've been trying to keyword the bib numbers so people can find their photos


      - the navigator shows a different photo than the one I'm on

      - the program is using so much graphic memory that the screen often goes black

      - I can't even flip to gmail when I hear a notification beep because all my computer's resources seem tied up by LR.

           actually my laptop doesn't beep on incoming email but my phone does so I know when there is mail

      - My Core I7-4700MQ CPU and 12 gigs of ram seem incapable of running this updated version

      - Cursor movements are jerky, sometimes it just says "loading" and takes a 2 minute break.

      - If I go to full screen mode to rate photos using number keys, it takes about 10 seconds to fully resolve the next image after hitting a number

      - I close it about every 30 minutes to get memory back and each time have to go to task manager to close the invisible version inevitably still running ...even 10 minutes later.

      this has been going on since updating. The program would not start after closing down and in checking Task Manager I invariably see another instance running ...that isn't evident if I alt-tab through   open programs, so I have to force that to close before the program will start again.

      - when it starts, instead of taking me to where I left off, it presents me with the last import which was last evening when I was trying the import dialog. This happens EVERY time.


      Next weekend is a wedding and if post processing will be like this it may never get done.


      I'm going to install ACDSee and become familiar enough with it, to do that job if this hasn't been corrected by then. Lovely Adobe ...just fn lovely!

      I saw the apology and promise to fix it but the version I have is the latest version so it looks like the cure is a bad as the illness.

      How can I roll back to the previous version. I simply do not want to waste more hours. I should have been in bed hours ago and am only up because the program does not work.