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    Adobe Stock (the small subscription plan): What is included, re-using work, etc.




      Let me see if I get this right. With the small subscribtion, I can download (currently, as of today) up to 10 works (e.g. photos) per month to my hard drive.


      I can use these however I want, even commercially, given that I follow all of Adobe's terms.


      After 12 months of un-interupted membership, I could theoretically, have 120 royality free works downloaded, that I can use and re-use forever, regardless of my membership status.


      I have never shopped from or been a member of a stock organization before. I hold a CC membership, and I am contemplating expanding it to include Adobe Stock, since it seems to be "built into" and integrates with CC. However, it is rather hard for an absent minded person like myself to get a grasp of it all; have tried to plow thru all the info., but it is not easy. The prize seems fair though. It's just that I'm not quite sure to what extent I can use (and re-use) the works.