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    Why is Lightroom 6.2 so slow?

    oxxl777 Level 1

      I work with lightroom versions since Lightroom 1 - as a professional photographer.
      Last week i updated Lightroom from 6.1 to 6.2 - i did not change anything else. I have the absolut neweset driver for my graphic-card (Nvidia Quadro 2000).

      Lightroom 6.1 worked with no problems at all...


      BUT LIGHTROOM 6.2 is EXTREMELY SLOW! The only thing that helps (only for some minutes!) is to restart the PC/laptop (yes, i have the same problem with lightroom 62. on my HP-laptop where i have a even faster system and almost no pictures in my catalogue).


      As i said before with lightroom 6.1 i never had problems, unless i tried to work while importing a big amount of photos in raw quality, then i had to wait for th import to be finished. Lightroom 6.2. slows down after working some minutes, it is horrible for me as a pro-photographer!


      I wonder if someone else has the same problems or if someone has a solution for me...