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    Simple dialog opens but not palette

    Bo Dudek



      So, I am new to InDesign scripting but being a webdeveloper doesn't make it that big a step to me.

      Anyway, I have build up some stuff in ExtendScript Toolkit, and when I run it there, it works. But as soon as I run the same script in InDesign CC, then my palette doesn't show.


      That made me dig in and I've made 2 very simple scripts. Both scripts works and show a dialog / palette, when run in ExtendScript Toolkit, but only the dialog-version works, when I run it in InDesign CC.




      Script 1

      var myWindow = new Window ("dialog", "Form");

      myWindow.show ( );


      Script 2

      var myWindow = new Window ("palette", "Form");

      myWindow.show ( );


      Thanks in advance

      Bo Dudek