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    Corrupted Images (Canon RAW) on MAC OSX ElCapitan




      I have just imported around 2000 images from a photoshoot and get now lots of corrupted files. Oh no. Help!

      The corrupted images appear across different hardware:
      2x Macbook Pro Retina (Mid 2014 and Early 2015)  - updated recently to El Capitan
      2x Canon 5D III (RAW) with lots of San Disk CF cards
      Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 Camera Raw 9.1.1


      The corrupted files (the funny pink, red, yellow quarter or half images) are on both machines, both camera are affected and across all CF cards ... so most likely software related.
      The import was already patchy (LR did not import directly ... I copied the files with a Lexar Card reader over and then imported in LR). Looked all good until (previews all fine ... no errors) but then when clicking on each image (to load it in full) lots of them (I would say 3%) get corrupted (more and more as I go through the catalogue). Never had issues before.






      I don't even want to import the next batch of images. I did't yet upgrade to the latest LR CC version due to all the crash reports ... but looks like my problem is even worse (I rather crash my system every now and then than losing images ... so maybe I should upgrade and see how it goes.). Old images seem not to be affected ... only new imports.


      Any more people problems with El Capitan and Lightroom.  Any ideas how to tackle this ... thanks a lot ... :-)