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    You guys are KILLING ME with the layers UI

    darenwoodward Level 2

      Why did you move it out of the main tool palette and to the top of the page so I have to hunt for it?


      Why did you place it in between similarly designed icons that I hit by mistake every time I want to switch layers?


      Why do you continue to hide the layers submenu, creating an extra tap to reveal it and thus slowing me down even more?


      Why do you repeat the same sub-menu once for each layer, 10 TIMES, instead of ONCE for the entire palette of layers, they way it was in Ideas?


      The great thing about this app that it can be used like a digital pad of tracing paper – sketching and changing the opacity of each layer as you refine and position things in different places. Why do you want to make it harder to take advantage of this functionality?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Daren,


          Thanks for your feedback. We moved the Layer icon because for some reason a lot of people didn't see it where it was. (I'm am curious which icon you're mistaking for the Layers icon. The Share icon? It will help to know so I can pass that information on.)


          Regarding the layers sub-menu (and it's repetition in each layer): Although this is the first time I've seen comments regarding its repetition, we do get frequent requests to move it someplace that it can be accessed with a single click. I'm not certain what the plan is for it, but I'll definitely share your passionate comments with the Draw team.


          We're happy that you find the app useful. And very happy that you use it frequently. Please know for certain that it's not our goal to make things difficult.


          Thanks again for taking the time to post.